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दिसावर (5:05 AM )
{17} desawar satta, desawar result [04] desawar satta, desawar result
(6:10 PM)
{30} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(8:00 PM)
{20} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(11:00 PM)
{27} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(4:00 PM)
{**} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
न्यू गंगानगर (4:05 PM )
{42} desawar satta, desawar result [**] desawar satta, desawar result
(4:30 PM)
{81} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(4:30 PM)
{86} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(5:05 PM)
{17} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
(12:00 AM)
{**} desawar satta, desawar result [**]
ADD GAME (12:00 AM )
{**} desawar satta, desawar result [**] desawar satta, desawar result

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Admin Tiwary
Mob No.08433164477

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Month Report

September 2019

Date दिसावर फरीदाबाद गाजियाबाद GALI
01 - 25 08 96
02 16 77 75 27
03 69 08 91 51
04 50 60 88 00
05 84 99 00 06
06 80 93 73 17
07 06 57 56 20
08 95 73 52 28
09 59 25 05 57
10 97 47 69 81
11 92 21 77 00
12 47 52 56 22
13 91 15 64 95
14 29 04 53 86
15 76 25 58 26
16 57 15 04 38
17 56 48 26 60
18 17 30 20 27
19 04 - - -
01 12 32 31 01
02 53 68 21 86
03 94 88 73 99
04 70 90 41 45
05 25 80 08 65
06 50 93 12 90
07 75 95 77 82
08 87 80 42 14
09 94 80R 62 58
10 23 49 30 91
11 - 94 89 61
12 - 04 60 63
13 - 24 13 83
14 - 44 68 62
15 - 22 43 92
16 - 32 09 25
17 - 38 69 10
18 - 42 81 86
19 - - - -
01 43 - - -
02 62 - - -
03 61 - - -
04 91 - - -
05 88 - - -
06 - - - -
07 60 - - -
08 59 - - -
09 59R - - -
10 49 - - -
11 43 - - -
12 40 - - -
13 92 - - -
14 62 - - -
15 32 - - -
16 99 - - -
17 91 - - -
18 17 - - -
19 - - - -

Satta is a type of lottery or gambling which is prevalent in India and originated in India before independence. Initially, Satta Matka and Satta king which is the name of this lottery or gambling game was known as Matka. It involved the betting on both the opening and closing of cotton rates transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay (now, Mumbai) Cotton Exchange through teleprints. 


However, today, Satta or Matka gambling is played based on some random number selection, which is used for betting.

Players who are interested in playing this game need to select any random number. Then they can hope that this will let them win the game and earn handsome money in return.

The ones who win the game is known as the Satta King.

There are many online platforms, where you can try your luck in winning the Satta Matka game.

satta king matka

Today Satta Result Record and Numbers

These websites update results frequently. It depends on which game you have picked; for instance, there are Desawar Satta, Mumbai Morning, Delhi Super, Taj, Rajkot Satta, Peshawer Satta, Lucky 7, and more. There are almost over 100 Satta games to try. 

Satta Game is considered to be highly addictive, and it takes a lot of luck to win the game as well.

It was Kalyanji Bhagat who introduced Satta Matka, and it was first tried in Mumbai. In 1961, Satta practice was stopped in the New York Cotton Exchange, which made the punters start looking for a different alternative through which they could keep Satta business alive. 

Rattan Khatri introduced the thought of announcing the opening and closing rates of different imaginary products. In the year 1962, when Satta Matka business was already booming, Kalyanji Bhagat came into action and started Worli Matka.

However, he updated the old Worli Matka to new Worli Matka in the year 1964. He brought in some slight modification, but the rules of the game remained the same. 

Satta Matka and Bajar

If we talk about the current scenario of Satta Matka, then it is gone through a paradigm shift. There is a plethora of online sites which allow you to play Satta.

Some of the leading platforms are Play Bazaar, Play Bazaar XYZ, Play Bajar, and many other similar-sounding websites.

At present only a few Satta games are being played on an international level.

Those are Satta King Gali, Satta King Disawar, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Faridabad, Satta King Games online Satta Matka.

If you go by Google reports, then Satta and Matka were the most searched keywords on their search engine result pages in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This will clearly show you how popular this game is. 

How is it played?

You will have to choose three numbers from 0-9, then these three numbers will be added up, which will become the final number.

Now, say, for example, you choose 7,8, and 9 numbers randomly, the sum of these three number is 24, and that is the number for you.

The thumb rule is to count the last digit of the total number, let us explain this to you further. The total is of the chosen three number is 24, the previous figure is 4, so your first draw is 7,8,9, and 4.

Now, you will need to draw three more numbers randomly for the second time as well. Let’s say you have picked 4,5, and 6, the total is 15, so the numbers for the second slot is 4,5,6, and 5. The final numbers for the chooser will be 789*4 X 456*5.

To know the results for the Satta king, you will need to visit the popular Satta Matka websites. You will get the results there by clicking on the various card games. Plus, you can also check the lucky number from the same site as well.

In case, if you would like Satta Matka website to message you the numbers, then request them so that they can assist you accordingly. Most of the sites will share their WhatsApp number too to give an update.

You should generally get your results for the Satta game within 30 minutes. Also, most of the legit Satta online websites customize their numbers in a way, that the player gets the maximum amount of chance to win the game. 

Gali Disawar Satta

Satta lottery or gambling game is viral in India.

You will see people from Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other states of India taking part in Satta in full enthusiasm.

This guessing game is an easy way to earn money, and if you are lucky, then the Satta king award can make you rich in just one day.

Even though there are many betting games which are accessible outside, still it is difficult for Indian citizens to play and withdraw money from those websites.

Satta websites, in this case, become the perfect solution for those who like to gamble and earn money.

Satta betting game is not difficult to play either. It has simple rules to follow, after choosing the number, you wait for the results, and if you win, then you win well! 

Even though Satta is not legal in India, people still find one way or the other to play it. You will discover Satta gaming communities as well and can learn from experienced people to win even better.

These communities are highly active and share their experience, tips, and tricks, that will enhance your winning chances.

If you have free time in your hand, and you don’t mind to earn extra cash, then you can try satta. If you are new to Satta and haven’t tried it yet, then it is time to go ahead and give it a try. 

Satta King Online Tips To win

Commonly individuals having a place with the gathering of Satta ruler attempt to redirect individuals by giving incorrect data and indicating a broken way.

What's more, now and again, they are fruitful in managing individuals towards wins and high wagering. If you get dependable sources and individuals from Satta King, at that point, you will be productive in picking up their direction.

They will be useful in making you win a considerable measure of cash through wagering in different diversions like a club, horse dashing, cricket, football, and so forth.

You can likewise win tremendous bonanza sum if you are fortunate to get a dependable Satta ruler source.

These sources are fundamentally individuals who have been as of now being engaged with Satta game like Gali Satta.

Satta Results Today

So they are always mindful of traps and updates going on in the Satta bazaar and in this manner they offer assurance to assist you with winning.

If such individuals are certifiable, then the hole Satta number that they give might be exceptionally gainful to you. Generally, vast amounts of these make phony guarantees and misdirection you and puzzle you for the enormous whole of cash.

This way, you will lose before playing. Accordingly, it is critical to look into and investigate the Satta showcase and make sure of the Satta lord bunch before entirely depending on them.

The newcomers mainly are easy objectives for the phony individuals who guarantee wins. Newcomers should painstakingly put their feet in the Satta Bajar by altogether exploring before confiding in anybody.

Going out on a limb is typical for Satta game yet for what reason to take a chance without doing our examination cautiously.

Along these lines, if anybody is thinking to join Satta bazaar soon.

It is informed to make the appearance regarding wagering with your very own cerebrums and take help of stable hotspots for knowing the game completely.